About Us


International Marketing Partners was founded in 1991 by marketing expert Allyson Stewart-Allen. The business was born thanks to clients asking for advice on how to grow the quality and number of their customers in their home and international markets and to help ensure their products were locally relevant and viable.

In its early days, our consulting teams were built by combining Allyson’s knowledge with her network of in-market, talented experts. Clients particularly valued the specific know-how of these Associates, creating the successful formula still used by International Marketing Partners today: a carefully chosen mix of consulting experience driven by the goals, strategies and cultures of our loyal clients.

Three decades later, we're an even more successful business with expert marketing and business development specialists advising entrepreneurs and business leaders across a range of industries.


Our Philosophy

We help organizations successfully internationalize, expanding their reach to extract more value from their markets.

Return on investment for our clients is our primary goal. And we know this can only be achieved when our work draws on our experience, know-how and international network of experts and successful clients alike.

Your relationship with us only succeeds if we start with good listening — to your expansion goals, to your organization's culture, to the knowledge gaps we discover together. Advising you how best to close them and create profitable growth strategies is what we do best.

How we deliver your expected returns is a hands-on approach using our on-the-ground expertise and a close working relationship with you and your teams. It's about action and implementation, not lengthy or prescriptive reports.

Our Process

We work closely with our clients to deliver a custom-built strategy for your international growth. To formulate this strategy, we analyze your customers and clients, processes and combine these with our insights, experience and interviews with your varied stakeholders.

This means we understand how your organization ticks in order to provide you with an actionable plan which can be successful, which meets your objectives and delivers improved performance.


Engagement & Relationship Building
Client Business Objective Clarification
Discovery Phase
Review Discovery Phase Outcomes


Identify Objectives based on research
Define Approach
Define Milestones
Final Programme Design


Participant Engagement Process
Rythm, Flow and Tone of Voice
Marketing Strategy Briefing
PD Redesign and Engagement


Participant Evaluation
Client Evaluation
Review and Rescope
Joint Agreement on Redesign & Objectives Restatement
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