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How to build profitable business relationships.

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3. Because few American cities have extensive public transportation infrastructure, with traffic unpredictable in major cities, Americans are understanding when you arrive late for a scheduled meeting.

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4. The percentage of all Americans who hold a passport is 28%.

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5. With most international American companies running their overseas operations from the US, only 2 weeks of paid time off (or “PTO”) per year for the average American executive and geography no longer a required subject in schools, this goes a long way towards explaining why world geography is not one of the US business professional’s stronger suits.

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6. The best approach to pitching a new business idea to your American counterparts is to give as much detail about the idea as possible, but only once you’ve had each person to be exposed to the idea sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement.”

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7. It’s likely that when negotiating with Americans, you’ll be equally persuasive when presenting qualitative opinions and points of view as when presenting volumes of statistical evidence that supports your position.

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8. Americans in business are generally very forthcoming with a variety and depth of information about their company, industry and competitors. Unlike the way information is used as a power lever in Europe, professionals in America know that if they don’t give you the information, you will find it elsewhere from an uncontrollable source that doesn’t necessarily communicate the most favourable messages.

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9. The reason American companies are generally credited with high degrees of Sales and Marketing competence is because both are viewed as professions with specialized bodies of knowledge and tools as opposed to the vocational view taken in other business cultures.

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10. When Americans ask for supplementary information, clarification or answers to their questions about your business or proposal, they typically expect your responses within about 2 weeks. After this length of time appears unresponsive or disinterested.

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11. Generally, most business ideas proposed to Americans, regardless of the proposer’s credibility or business acumen, will be considered at face value for fear that the potentially great business idea is taken to the competition, possibly giving them a market advantage.

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12. Like in European business cultures, you’ll need to read between the lines of what your American colleagues tell you about their agenda to understand the true scale of their ambitions, since there’s as much that’s implied and unsaid as there is that’s explicit.

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13. In order to set up a meeting with a representative of an American company, you must first have an introduction made by someone known to that person. Simply calling or writing to request a meeting is not acceptable.

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14. When beginning a business meeting with one of your American colleagues, they’ll expect you to spend the first several minutes getting to know more about them personally so as to ensure you are building the foundations of a good working relationship.

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