This July 4th, US Brands Seek a New Independence of Tariffs, Treaties and Trump

As Americans today mark Independence Day, they should also celebrate the country’s global brands successfully independent of Brand USA, which has suffered the steepest decline in the past 12 months than at any other point in recent history.

With the country’s business leaders focused on balancing global expansion and local relevance, US companies will protect their overseas growth by applying the best of its business culture:

  • Scaling.  With a domestic market of 325 million consumers, American companies plan from the start how to succeed in a market with such vast opportunity and openness.
  • Selling.  Americans have mastered this art of edutainment, with a high value placed on these skills.
  • Self-confidence.  The combination of fearlessness and failure-as-learning means Americans in business assume success from the start.
  • Speed.  In the very transactional business culture, where relationships are defined by the deals done, ensuring you're fast in your intensely crowded market helps ensure you can capture share and awareness before other players join.  Ater all, it's better to be first than best.
  • Service.  US consumers and clients expect to be unapolagetically served, their needs predicted, their goods delivered fast, "customer care" being a live voice and human.

Those wanting to work with Americans will find that adopting this business mindset will lead to successful and profitable relationships.  For more tips on working with Americans, try our challenge "Are you ready to work with Americans?"

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