The Royal Coronation: the brand platform money can’t buy

12 MAY 2023

Britain’s royal family is one of the biggest brand platforms for its country brand, with their global visibility before, during and after the coronation affording them and the country a chance to remind tourists and investors of Britain’s assets including its innovation talent, heritage, global brands and wonders of nature.

This once-in-a-lifetime event also gives Britain the chance to remind the Commonwealth and other nations of its long record of global achievements, history and tourism features.  For some, especially Americans, the spectacle of this royal event will be captivating as US royalty are defined by their net worth rather than their genetics.

Many brands have used the event to leverage its marketing opportunities, having created collectible, limited edition products such as the Charbonnel & Walker chocolate box in the shape of a crown as well as porcelain mugs and tea sets.  Whether foods, fragrances or fashion, those 800+ companies with a Royal Warrant including Burberry, Barbour, Fortnum & Mason and Penhaligons have been given the chance to use their Britishness as a global platform.  And it’s just as well, since UK goods and services are highly regarded around the world for their quality and craftsmanship.

It’s hoped the global media attention given to the King’s installation translates into even more tourism and inward investment since this occasion will no doubt reinforce Brand UK’s place in the world and its sources of soft power – from the arts to architecture and AI

Showcasing the UK on the global stage as a comfortable blend of heritage, innovation and a country at the forefront of the future is the trick, as Brexit combined with the country’s current stagnant economy should replace stories of the country’s many global brand, tech and trade successes.  Putting the “Great” back into “Great Britain” should be the goal of the long-game and not just on May 6th.

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