Strategic Advice

Growing beyond your home market can be a risky undertaking without knowing what makes your customers or clients the same and different. Once the research data is collected, it’s time to make some strategic choices about which routes give you the most profitable access to those customers and clients in your chosen foreign markets.

Expand Profitably

Your routes for growing across cultures are many: acquiring a local company already operating in the foreign market, growing your own organization and brands organically, sending your executives abroad temporarily to develop the business, or collaborating with a local partner. Managing the dilemma of globalizing or localizing your brands is full of ambiguity, but with the right strategic advice and on-the-ground help, the chances are high that you can realise your payback targets while building a sustainable international business.


Negotiate Successfully Across Cultures

International business cultures have a range of different expectations when it comes to building relationships, the rules for doing deals, communicating, influencing and making decisions.  Your ability to succeed in these exciting – and risky – settings determines whether you land that cross-border deal or not.

Fluency in foreign cultures requires confidence, the ability to build relationships and the capacity to negotiate effectively.  After all, we’ve written a best-selling book on the subject, Working with Americans


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