Gerber's New Spokesbaby Speaks volumes about the brand

With the recent announcement from US baby food leader Gerber that Lucas Warren is its 2018 “spokesbaby” comes a new first for the 90-year-old company: a child with Down syndrome to represent the brand.

18-month-old Lucas won the competition in the face of over 140,000 other proud parents who submitted photos of their babies, with CEO Bill Partyka attributing the win to Lucas’ smile.

Not only does this choice give cause for celebration for parents of children with DS, it demonstrates the values of Gerber’s brand: inclusive, celebratory and one that embraces people of all abilities.  What makes this brand unusual in today’s prepared baby food sector is it is one of the very few featuring a human baby “face” which helps create resonance as adult men and women respond emotionally and favorably to images of babies.

The social media traffic around Gerber and their choice of Lucas has been equally enthusiastic from a broad range of quarters: parents, DS charities, those with the syndrome, educators, clinicians to name a few.

Regardless of Gerber’s motive, this brand has placed itself firmly at the center of the inclusion conversation in the US and abroad.  Bravo to the company’s CMO and leadership team for recognizing that combining positive societal values with commerce are not in conflict.  Let’s see what companies in other sectors take from this excellent example.

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