Foster the Special Relationship

Since 23 June 2016, when Britain boldly decided to leave the EU, one of the obvious questions has no doubt been how the US/UK Free Trade Agreement will impact marketing and growth plans in the world’s biggest (for now) economy.

Yet another might be whether to bother growing your brands in the American market as you grapple with the disruptive effects of Covid-19 and Brand USA’s unpopular policies, including the suspension of any new employment visas until the end of the year.

The answer to the former depends on the direction of these trade talks, which highly depend on the cultural preferences of both being accommodated. On the latter question, a localised marketing strategy accounting for your specific American consumer/client preferences is essential to sustain your organisation’s viability there.

While some say the US and Great Britain speak the same language and enjoy a ‘special relationship’, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking the cultural differences between them are few and far between. In fact, they are much more significant than most marketers realise, from the pace of business to communication and everything in between.  To read this CIM Catalyst magazine article in full, visit

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