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Coming Up Trumps on UK Trade

Associated Press/Photos by (Trump) Cliff Owen and (May) Kirsty Wigglesworth

Ahead of Trump meeting with Theresa May this Friday, their negotiations will only be successful if she recognises the mind set of Americans in business.

As with all British business leaders trying to build their US sales and presence, the Prime Minister must ensure she is in sync with the American businessman leading the country:

  1. President Trump, like most Americans, is by nature more risk tolerant than British and European leaders, keen to exploit opportunities and deals which can be a win-win for both countries.
  2. Let’s make a deal – being ready to do deals is what he will expect from Theresa May.  Being prepared to move quickly and keep things simple are hallmarks of US negotiating.  Focusing on the issues at hand (the foreground), not necessarily the background context, will translate into a firm agreement.
  3. Positioning the UK as the partner that supports both the “America first” and British trade agenda is the best way to frame her negotiations.  Given the UK still holds the record as the largest inward investor in the US, showing the continued commitment to its nation-building will have great appeal as the flow of British companies creating jobs in the US continues.
  4. Mind the language differences.  US and UK communication differences means much is often lost in translation:

Being in the unenviable position of simultaneously negotiating trade deals with Europe to the East and the US to the West, requires deep skill in the face of this range of negotiating styles and preferences.

Mrs. May will need to secure as much help as possible to ensure her new US Presidential relationship is profitable and a good model for British businesses when working with Americans.

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