Breaking Records at The Festival of Marketing


Breaking records at the Festival of Marketing

Allyson Stewart-Allen, CEO, International Marketing Partners, will take to the stage at this year’s Festival of Marketing (12 November, London) to advise on what makes a record-breaking multichannel marketing strategy.

The Festival is one of the world’s leading marketing events and this year will provide inspiration, insight and insider tips to more than 3000 delegates.

Allyson’s session, to be co-presented with Sam Fay, SVP Global Brand Strategy at Guinness World Records, will cover issues including how to ensure brand consistency in multichannel markets, as well as when and why deploy multichannel strategies.
“The biggest obstacles in achieving multichannel success are cultural more than structural” explains Allyson.  “Very often teams across silos have a hard time integrating as their agendas conflict not to mention the corporate politics that get in the way.”


About Allyson Stewart-Allen

Allyson Stewart-Allen is the Muse of Marketing and an internationally-recognised branding expert.

Aegis, BAE Systems, Burberry, Cadbury, Coach, HSBC, Lufthansa, NBC Universal, SAB Miller and Shell are among the 197 clients spanning 24 countries that have engaged International Marketing Partners, the consultancy she founded in 1991.

A Californian based in London for over 25 years, she is a member of the prestigious 100 Women to Watch 2014 list compiled by Cranfield, one of Europe’s top business schools, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the National Business Awards and the British Government's UKTI E-Retailing Committee.

Allyson is a frequent contributor to print, online, radio and television outlets, recently appearing as the international business expert for BBC2’s The Apprentice: You’re Fired programme as well as the marketing expert for BBC1’s The One Show.

Other media applying her expert views include Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Financial Times, Fortune, Monocle Radio, Newsweek, Sky News, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.


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