American Culture Decoded

The pervasiveness of American culture globally leads many enterprising businesses to think they have a good grasp of what makes the US tick.  However, American business culture isn’t quite as seen on TV nor is it easy to grasp from a holiday across the states.

International firms would be wise to approach the US as they would entering into any other new market considering what cultural differences might dictate changes in strategy or even their business model. Americans consume, travel and engage differently. Product and service localisation is just as important for UK firms in the US as it is in China.

In episode 1 of our new America Made Easy Podcast, we examine the complexity of how Americans conduct business and what this means for foreign investors.

Firms that fail to tailor their approach to these cultural nuances will fail in the market and there is certainly no shortage of firms, both large and small, that have. To avoid common pitfalls and ultimately save valuable time and money, this week’s episode will highlight what aspects of US business culture are often at odds with the UK and how SMEs can overcome these challenges to ensure a successful expansion in the short and long term.  You can hear the full episode here...

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